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Comics Journal 1 54 Mar-80 News Review of Moon Knight
Comics Feature 1 8 Jan-81 Fanzine Article on Moon Knight Series
Amazing Heroes 1 6 Nov-81 News Article on Vol 1 of the series
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1 7 Jul-83 Guides Profile of Moon Knight, Moon Copter, and Mansion
Marvel Age 1 9 Dec-83 News Article on new creative team for end of Vol 1, Original Art
Amazing Heroes 1 64 Feb-85 News In depth history of Moon Knight, Preview of FoK series
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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1 15 May-85 Guides Profile of Crescent Darts and Truncheon
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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Deluxe Edition) 2 9 Aug-86 Guides Profile ofFoK Moon Knight and Weapons (3 pages)
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Marvel Vision 1 24 Dec-97 News Information about Vol 3 Story and release
Avengers Casebook 1999 1 1 Feb-00 Guides Roster
Universe X Omnibus 1 1 Jun-01 Sketchbook Sketch of Universe X Moon Knight
Wizard Magazine 1 156 Oct-04 News Article about 2006 Series, Original David Finch Art
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House of M Sketchbook 1 1 Jun-05 Sketchbook Has Original Art featuring Moon Knight
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Civil War Opening Shot Sketchbook 1 1 Jun-06 Sketchbook Art from Civil War and Frontline, Appears in first page only
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