Mission Statement

Moon Knight is a Marvel Comics Super Hero created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975. This site serves as both a museum and a catalogue of all things Moon Knight. This includes comic books, toys, statues, and all other official merchandise related to the character. It is intended as a resource for other collectors to use in building their own collection, and as way for me to share my collection with anyone interested. I have chosen only to include items that are actually in my collection, meaning there will be some missing items. Once acquired, I will add them to the site. As such, that implies this site is a constant Work-In-Progress.

If you know of any unlisted items, Feel free to contact me at:

A Brief History of this Site...

I started this site in July of 2003 to satisfy both my desire to develop my HTML coding skills, and to collect every Moon Knight comic appearance in existence. I have been a die-hard Moon Knight fan since discovering the character as a kid in the 90's. At the time, Information on Moon Knight was scarce. To my knowledge, my site (Then called the Ultimate Moon Knight Resource) was one of the first sites devoted to Moon Knight. My primary goal was to list every Moon Knight Comic Appearance in one single location. I began creating my list from various sources, the chief one being the Marvel Chronology Project. As my list grew, so did my collection. It was a labor of love and many other fans thanked me for the effort. After a few years, my goals for the site became overzealous and unrealistic. I wanted to add interviews, guest writers, giveaways, and more. None of which were feasible considering the time limitations of a working college student. The result was rare updates, unfinished features, and less then friendly emails from readers impatient with my inability to deliver. The end result was a site that has been dead in water for years.

About a year ago I began working on a new site in my spare time. Only this site was going to be different. It was going to be focused. Above all else, the focus of this site was going to be the comic list. It needed to be easy to use, and easy for people to take it with them. Unlike the media landscape of 2003, News, interviews, and previews, are now rapidly delivered via social media and massive news sites. My site is no longer needed to fill that purpose, and would honestly be unable to as effectively. Another issue I was having was that I was getting emails asking about items or issues that were listed on the site, yet I didn't own them, making them difficult to answer. I felt that in the end, this site would serve better as a digital museum that documented my personal collection, and only included Items I could personally verify and represent. The biggest change, however, was that the site was no longer to be on a free host, rife with pop up ads. Despite it costing money, I felt it was necessary to make this change in order to ensure the site was a more user friendly experience.


A Collectors guide to Moon Knight

Moon Knight Collectors are an unpredictable bunch. You could talk to 10 different collectors and find they all prefer completely different things about the character, and their collecting habits often reflect this. Part of this can be blamed on the massive irregularity of his publication, character interpretation, Creative Team changes, and how all of this has affected his relevance in the Universe. His fanbase has grown and shrunk throughout the years as a result of these factors. Despite having existed for over 42 years, Moon Knight has been published intermittently through multiple volumes often separated by long periods of silence. Since his creation, there have been over 17 years without a solo series being published. Until recently, the only thing related to Moon Knight to collect were the comics, and even they weren’t the easiest to come by. With the exception of a few toys or odd bits of licensed material, Moon Knight didn’t exist beyond the few comic collectors who knew he existed.

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A New Readers Guide to Moon Knight

Whenever a new Moon Knight series is launched, there is a rush of new readers that discover what makes Moon Knight so interesting. Many of them want to dig a little deeper into the character. The only problem is that it’s not as easy to do that with Moon Knight as it is with other heroes. Moon Knight’s relative obscurity means many people don’t know much about the character, so advice is few and far between. Furthermore, Moon Knights publication history is so inconsistent that there is no exact answer as to what people should be reading. I have created a guide that I hope will help prospective fans find the right way to get into Moon Knight.

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Publication History of Moon Knight...

Moon Knight was initially created as an antagonist to appear opposite the Marvel Monster character Werewolf by Night. The brain child of Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight made his first appearance on August 1975 in Werewolf by Night #32. The initial plan behind Moon Knight was limited, and there was little intention of developing the character much further. Despite this, fan reaction to the character was considerable, which resulted in the character being given a solo story in Marvel Spotlight, as well as numerous guest appearances in major series such as Spectacular Spider-man, the Defenders, and Marvel Two-In One. After seeing success in these ventures, Moon Knight gained a backup feature in the Hulk! Magazine, and eventually launched his very own titular series in 1980 with Moon Knight #1.

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Moon Knight's Weaspons, Gadgets, Vehicles

This is a collection of images from various official guides, handbooks, and editorials. They depict many of Moon Knight's various Gadgets including weapons, costume diagrams, and schematics of the various Moon Copter iterations.

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