Here is a list of useful links relating to Moon Knight Material throughout the web. If you know of any important links, or would like me to link to your Moon Knight related material, please Email me a link.

MoonKnightFan's Social Media Sites

Moon Knight Fan Instagram
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Video related content I have posted

Moon Knight Community

Into the Knight Podcast
A Fantastic Moon Knight themed Podcast updated weekly, with 170 episodes and counting.

Reddit Moon Knight Sub
An Active Community of Moon Knight Fans. A Great place for discussions.

Moon Knight Core Facebook Group - A great destination for Moon Knight memes and humorous photoshops. This group originated the famous "Dracula Owing Moon Knight Money" meme..

Moon Knight Message Board - The original source for the Moon Knight community in the early 2000's. Now it is mostly inactive and empty, but occasionaly has useful posts.

Official Moon Knight Sites

Marvel Comics Homepage - The Official Website of the publisher and owner of the character Moon Knight.

Marvel Comics Moon Knight Bio The Official Bio of Moon Knight on the Marvel Comics Website.

Moon Knight Information and Facts

Moon Knight Wikipedia Entry. - Wikipedia has one of the best Moon Knight Bios on the internet.

Marvel Wikia Portal - Amazing link to virtually all Moon Knight Comics, As well as detailed info about alternate versions of Moon Knight.

Comic Vine Moon Knight Portal - Hub and links to news, pictures, etc.

Marvel Chronology Project - Site devoted to listing every character appearance, in chronological order. Its a good place to start to find missing appearances.

Marvel Unnapearances Khonshu Biography - This is one of the most impressive comic sites on the internet. Dubbed the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, it contains information on almost every character in the Marvel Universe. This information is extremely detailed, and will likely humble your own knowledge.

Moon Knight Articles

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – The Many Masks of Moon Knight! - by Alan Kistler. This is a thorough publication and in-universe history of Moon Knight.

Many Phases of the Moon - by. Allen Zelenetz. This is an in-depth history of Moon Knights creation. It originally appeared as a backup feature in a Moon Knight comic. I removed the images in the scan so that it would be a smaller image file.

The Religion of Moon Knight - This is an excellent piece that discusses Moon Knights religious affiliation, as well as Judaism in comic books. It also has references to source material.

Moon Knight's Best Battles - by Gregg Katzman. This is a fun article analyzing some of Moon Knights more memorable battles.

Doug Moench Talks Moon Knight - An interview with Doug Moench from Comic Monsters.

8 Essential Facts About Marvel’s Mentally Unstable Hero - A Fun fan article about various aspects of the character.

Moon Knight Revamped - Entertainment Weekly Article about the 2014 Series

Similar, But Different: An Explanation of Moon Knight’s Parallels to Other Fictional Characters - An in-depth comparison of Moon Knight to Batman and the Shadow


Doug Moench Wikipedia Entry - The writer who invented Moon Knight

Don Perlin Wikipedia Entry - The Artist who first drew Moon Knight in his 1975 Debut in Werewolf By Night #32

Bill Sienkiewicz's Homepage - Homepage for the definitive Moon Knight Artist from the original 1980 Series

Bill Sienkiewicz's Twitter Account - Regularly updated with fantastic art

Bill Sienkiewicz - Wikipedia Entry

Declan Shalvey's Tumblr - Homepage for the Moon Knight Artist from the hit 2014 series

Declan Shalvey's Twitter Account - Regularly updated with fantastic art

Declan Shalvey - Wikipedia Entry

Warren Ellis' Homepage - Homepage for the Moon Knight Writer from the hit 2014 series

Warren Ellis' Twitter Account - Regularly updated and perfectly eccentric.

Warren Ellis' - Wikipedia Entry

Greg Smallwood's Tumblr - Blog for the Moon Knight Artist from the hit 2016 series

Greg Smallwood's Twitter Account - Regularly updated with fantastic art

Jeff Lemire's Tumblr - Blog for the Moon Knight Writer from the hit 2016 series

Jeff Lemire's Twitter Account - Regularly updated

Jeff Lemire - Wikipedia Entry

Moon Knight Blogs (mostly inactive)

Marvel Comics of the 1980's - An amazing blog devoted to all things Marvel from the 80's. This blog regularly hosts awesome Moon Knight Finds!

Fuck Yeah Moon Knight - A Blog dedicated to posting Moon Knight images.

All The Moon Knight Things... - Another great Blog Dedicated to Moon Knight!