This is an ever-growing list of every Moon Knight related comic that I own. It contains virtually every Comic Book that Moon Knight has ever been in, including guest appearances, alternate universes, Satire, Tributes, and even Articles and editorial features. These lists are intended as a documentation for both me and other fans to use as a resource in collecting Moon Knight comics. Currently, the most obvious gaps in my collection are some variant covers, ultra-rare editions, and foreign editions. They will be added as soon as I acquire them. If you see any appearances that I am missing, please EMAIL ME.

UPDATED 4-5-2023

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The Complete list of all Moon Knight Appearances from the 616 (Main) Universe. Variants are Included.
This list only features SOLO and SELF-TITLED Stories, no guest appearances, team books, or Variants.
This list contains Alternate Universe versions of Moon Knight, Everything NOT 616.
This list features Trade and Hardcover Collected Editions, both Self-titled and Guest Appearances
This list includes Guides, Handbooks, News Magazines, and similar Apperances.
This is a list of Internationally published versions of Moon Knight. All of which are technically reprints.

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How is it Organized?

All comics are listed in Chronological order by release date. In that respect the Main and Solo lists can be used as a bare-bones reading guide. Each comic also has a Rank number listed with it, which signifies the books importance to Moon Knight Lore.


Important Issue with Continuity Significance. Often a Key Issue, featuring First Appearances or Deaths.
Average continuity importance. This is the most common rank for Self-Titled Issues, and team-up books.
Low level of continuity importance. Limited Role in story. Often only in a few panels. Many crossover/avengers/ensemble events.
NO Continuity importance. Includes All Variant Covers, Alternate Universes, flashbacks, mentions, and random cover appearances.

What Books ARE Included in these Lists?

Every issue of Moon Knight's Solo Runs.
Every Appearance of Moon Knight in other books, including single panel and Cover-only appearances.
All variants of his SELF TITLED series are included. Regardless of what is on them.
Variants of other books that have Moon Knight on the cover only
Satire/Spoofs of Moon Knight Officially Published by Marvel

What Books Are NOT Included in these Lists?

Variants in Non-Eponymous books that do not contain Moon Knight on them are ignored.
Any Mentions of Moon Knight in books that do not also contain an appearance are ignored.
Comic books Not in the collection are not listed (don't worry, it's very few)
Values, number of copies, or condition of any comics in the collection are ignored.

Special Thanks

I want to thank all the fan submissions letting me know of appearances that I was missing. I would also like to thank the Marvel Chronology Project for getting me started on my Random appearance collecting adventure. I would also like to thank the Marvel Database Wikia for helping me find so many more appearances than I even thought possible. Lastly, I would like to thank for helping me to organize my collection in better and more efficient ways.