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On March 30, 2022, Moon Knight will officially become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the debut of his self-titled show on the Disney + Streaming Service. Disney + is a paid streaming subscription service. As of March 2022, there are no announced plans to carry this show on any other services or formats. Moon Knight is the 6th show in the MCU, and promises to tie in with the successful movie franchise just as the others have done. The series stars Oscar Issac as the titular hero, and Ethan Hawke as the first series primary villain, Arthur Harrow. The series will be 6 episodes long, with each episode having a runtime around 40 minutes. According to press releases, Moon Knight is an action-adventure story similar to Indiana Jones, with a heavy emphasis on Egyptian Iconography. Trailers suggest that issues such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, which were prevalent in the comic will, atleast in part, be addressed in the show.

Moon Knight's costume in the show appears to borrow elements from various iterations of the character, as well as creating its own new aspects. The costume is predominantly white, but has elements of Egyptian/Mummy design included such as bandages and drapery. The iconic cowl and moon emblem are present, as is his crescent darts.

Fan reaction to both the trailer and show in general has been generally positive. Although older fans like myself are cautious, people unfamiliar with the character are excited by what has been shown. The MCU connection to the show has brought considerable attention to the character. This has attracted new fans and brought recognition to what was once a very niche character. One of the positives of this newfound attention is that it has lead to a massive increase in material being produced by Marvel relating to Moon Knight. This includes Trade collection reprints, simultaneous, ongoing comic series, as well as upcoming merchandice offerings. One of the negatives of this newfound attention has been that more people have been trying to collect Moon Knight comics. This traditionally cheap hobby has become prohibitively expensive. Moon Knight's first appearance in Werwolf by Night #32 is now selling for many thousands of dollars, when just 10 years ago it was only a few hundred.

Time will tell if this new Moon Knight series is successful, and if new and old fans agree on its representation of the character.

Cast and Crew



Mohamed Diab - Lead Director: Ep 1, 3
Justin Benson - Director: Ep 2
Aaron Moorhead - Director: Ep 2
Jeremy Slater - Head Writer
Peter Cameron - Writer
Sabir Pirzada - Writer
Beau DeMayo - Writer
Michael Kastelein - Writer
Alex Meenehan - Writer


Oscar Isaac - Marc Spector / Moon Knight
Ethan Hawke - Arthur Harrow
Gaspard Ulliel - Anton Mogart
F Murray Abraham - Khonshu
May Calamawy - Layla El-Faouly
Díana Bermudez - Yatzil
Gaspard Ulliel - Anton Mogart
Ann Akinjirin - Bobbi
David Ganly David Ganly - Billy
Sofia Danu - Ammit
Lucy Thackeray - Donna
Shaun Scott - Bertrand Crawley (RUMORED)

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Moon Knight 1
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News Timeline

March 2022
Moon Knight Premiere's On Disney Plus on March 30

January 2022
On January 17, 2022 Marvel released the first official trailer for the Moon Knight Show.
The Release Date for the Show is revealed to be March 30, 2022.
Ethan Hawkes Character is confirmed to be Dr Arthur Harrow, who’s first (and only) appearance was in Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #2.

August 2021
Leaks from early footage show Moon Knights new costume, which is primarily white and demonstrates egyptian/mummy influences.

May 2021
Marvel officially confirms that Oscar Isaac will play Moon Knight in the upcoming Disney Plus series.

January 2021
Ethan Hawke is announced as playing the yet unnamed villain in the show.
May Calamawy has signed on for an unannounced role.
Directors Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have all been officially attached to the project.
The series is currently being written by Jeremy Slater and Beau DeMayo.

December 2020
In December of 2020, it was announced that Moon Knight would be an action-adventure story similar to Indiana Jones, and that Egyptian Iconography would be prevalent in the show.

Summer 2019
During the D23 Summit held during the summer of 2019, Marvel announced that Moon Knight was being developed as a live action TV show for the Disney+ Streaming service. The show would be canon with the established MCU, and relate to the other properties being developed such as Loki, Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Solider, She Hulk, Blade, and many others.