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The New Site Is Now Live! Happy Halloween!

After many delays, the revamped Moon Knight Fan site is finally Live!

Welcome to the online Moon Knight Museum: A virtual catalogue of my current Moon Knight Collection.

After almost 2 decades of free hosting, "Moon Knight Fan" is finally an honest website. It not only has a real domain name now, but it is also officially Pop-Up/Ad free! I cannot describe how good that feels. Running this site has always been fueled by my passion for collecting Moon Knight. Over the years, “real life” has gotten in the way more often than it should have. Thankfully, with all the time free time allotted to me thanks to quarantine, I have been able to finalize the redesign and publish the new version of the site. It couldn’t have come at a better time either, as being a Moon Knight fan is more exciting than ever! The biggest news is, of course, the upcoming Disney+ TV Show. But in the land of comics he has also been making waves, appearing in multiple books such as Avengers and Contagion. Even in the realm of toys Moon Knight has been making a splash with 4 different figures in the last year!

Those of you who have visited this site before may notice how different the new version is. Over the last few years, I have been slowly working on a major overhaul. Not just visually, but conceptually as well. I felt like the site had lost its focus over the years. My first order of business was to make the site more organized, easier to read, and more useful to other fans. The largest shift, however, was to alter the very concept behind the site. Back in the early 2000’s, Moon Knight information was really hard to come by. I was focused on collecting all things Moon Knight, but I didn’t know where to start. There were no comprehensive lists of his appearances or documentation of the licensed merchandise. All I had was google, eBay, and patience. I decided to create a site that documented my findings to help the few other Moon Knight fans that might be out there. Over the years, I attempted to host fan art, custom figures, fan editorials, and even attempted to cover news stories. It got messy, and overcomplicated.

I decided to take the focus of the site back to my original goal: to collect all things Moon Knight. I don’t know if I will ever own all things Moon Knight, but I’m going to try. Currently, my collection is one of the largest on the planet. It sounds cocky, but its true. So, everything listed on this site is part of my collection. What this means is that items I do not own will not be listed on this site. This doesn’t mean I am not aware of items that are not listed, it just means I haven’t acquired them yet. As my collection grows, I will add the new items.

The most important part of the site, and my collection, is the comic list. The entire reason I started this site was to create a listing of every Moon Knight comic appearance. The rest just developed naturally out of that. Over time, as the list grew, it became more of a hassle to navigate. It was organized like a comic shop organizes series, not how people organize their collections. This made it less useful to new fans. I have fixed this issue. I now have separated lists depending on various factors depending on what the collector is interested in. I am providing all my lists in a universal spreadsheet format, and they are all now chronologically listed.

Many of these changes came at the request of various Moon Knight Fans who emailed me with their suggestions and complaints. I apologize to anyone who emailed me over the last few years and didn't get a reply. I try to reply to everyone, but sometimes I get bogged down with stuff. I have been getting through the appearances that you guys have informed me of as quickly as I can. I just added over 100 new additions to the comics list, many of which were from emails dating back almost 2 years!

One of the most often suggested features from fans is information regarding Video game appearances, as well as more video content. I also received plenty of reasonable complaints about the mobile problems of the previous site. I too had these gripes, and believe me, most of them were due to the free hosting the site was on, and not on my site coding. This new site is going to be more mobile device friendly. I try to test the site on Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as on iOS and Android devices. If you notice any problems, let me know, and be sure to include what device and browser you are using, so I can attempt to fix it.

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Moon Knight Disney+ Casting Announcements!

Disney + Live action show is in the works!

During the D23 Summit held during the summer of 2019, Marvel announced that Moon Knight was being developed as a live action TV show for the Disney+ Streaming service. The show would be canon with the established MCU, and relate to the other properties being developed such as Loki, Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Solider, She Hulk, Blade, and many others. No casting announcements have been officially made, but it has been made public that Marvel is in talks with Oscar Issac to star as Marc Spector in the series. There are open casting calls for 4 other characters, the only common feature being that they are looking for people of Egyptian descent. Director Mohamed Diab has also been officially attached to the project. The series is currently being written by Jeremy Slater and Beau DeMayo. As of October 2020, little information about the shows content has been made available and is mostly in the form of rumors. The most credible being that the show will feature other Marvel characters such as Werewolf by Night and Dracula. Either way, the internet has become full of fans creating their own fancasts and debating what direction the story should take. I will add updates as soon as any official announcements are made.


The Age of Khonshu concludes!

The Moon Knight vs The Avengers epic ends with Issue 37!

2019 was a good year for Moon Knight fans. Although a solo series is still nowhere to be seen, Moon Knight made more than a few significant appearances throughout. Early 2019 saw him teaming up with Conan in the Serpent War mini-series. Not long after, in late 2019, Moon Knight showed up for a pivotal roll in the Contagion mini-series. 2020 continued this trend with a major appearance in the Avengers title with the "Age of Khonshu." Spanning issues 33-37, it saw a monumental shift in the presence of Moon Knight in the Marvel Universe. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers. According to the subreddit, opinions are varied on the success of this storyline. Either way, With any luck, Moon Knight will have a new solo series coming soon. At the very least, it would be a good idea with a new show on the horizon.

Incoming Hardcovers!


Incoming Collected editions featuring Moon Knight Appearances!

Although it is unfortunate that Moon Knight does not have a monthly book currently running, every cloud has a silver lining. I usually use these "down times" as an opportunity to fill gaps in my back issues as well as pick up trades and collections that feature Moon Knight.

First on the list is the Age of Ultron collection. For those of you that may have missed it, Moon Knight had a rather important role in the recent 10 issue Marvel event: Age of Ultron. You should be able to find most of the individual issues at your local comic shop. This run also had some very nice, and expensive, variant covers. As far as I can tell, none of the variants featured Moon Knight. However, if you are like me, and also want to collect the trades, or if you just prefer to buy your comics that way, you can now buy the massive Hardcover collection. As a warning, it doesn't come cheap. That is forgiveable considering it includes more than just the core cross over. It includes Age of Ultro 1-10, Avengers Assemble 14AU-15AU, Fantastic Four 5AU, Fearless Defenders 4AU, Superior Spider-Man 6AU, Ultron 1AU, Uncanny Avengers 8AU, Wolverine & the X-Men 27AU, and Avengers 10AI! Thats 19 issues. Did I mention the hardcover is Huge?


Next we have yet another massive Hardcover collection: West Coast Avengers Omnibus #2. Weighing in at 30 issues, this epic book contains every West Coast Avengers issue featuring Moon Knight as a member, as well as several other issues. To be exact, it includes West Coast Avengers #17-41, West Coast Avengers Annual #2-3 and Avengers Annual #16, Fantastic Four #19, and Doctor Strange #53. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this era of Moon Knight, it is often refered to as the Fist of Khonshu period. It was in the mid 80's and was relativley short lived. It started with a 6 issue mini series known as Moon Knigh: Fist of Khonshu, which ended rather abruptly. Shortly after, Moon Knight appeared in West Coast Avengers #21 and became a member for about 2 (publication) years. After leaving the team, he would not be seen again untill His next ongoing Marc Spector: Moon Knight #1. This period is characterized by a costume that featured golden accents, and his chest emblem being an Ankh, not a crescent moon. This period also saw an increased emphasis on his Egyptian connections, as well as open communication with the Egyptian diety Khonshu. The most notable event to occur during his time as an Avenger involves his love affair with Tigra. Although this period had some high points, it is often overlooked, or even ignored when considering the history of the character. Despite that, true Moon Knight fans will consider this Collection a must have for their Library!


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According to Patton Oswalt, Moon Knight is First Tier. No Complaints here.


Although it is unfortunate that Moon Knight does not have a monthly book currently running, every cloud has a silver lining. I usually use these "down times" as an opportunity to fill gaps in my back issues as well as pick up trades and collections that feature Moon Knight.

In a rather amazing outtake clip from the tv show Parks and Recreation, Patton Oswalts character outlines his idea for the plot of the new Star Wars film. What ensues is a long geek ridden explanation that simultaneously shakes the hand of every fan, while playfully mocking them. Patton's style is always enjoyable and never over the top. This particular idea discusses how the Marvel Universe and the Star wars Universe combine, thanks to the power of the infinity gauntlet. My favorite part of the video is when he addresses Hawkeye and Black Widow as stricktly second tier characters, while announcing that Spider-Man and Moon Knight would be suitable alternatives. Although it is Wrought with mocking and irony, I can't help but tip my hat to Patton for mentioning Moon Knight. It brought a thingle to the heart.

Link to Video Here

Moon Knight: Blood & Silver Fan Film Crowdfunding at Indiegogo


Writer/Director Nicholas Ortiz and Deviant Children Productions have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in an attempt to create a Proof of concept/Fan Film for Moon Knight, currently titled Blood and Silver. Their goal is to reach an extremly acheivable budget of $2,200 by Wednesday April 10th. The perks of different donation tiers are rather attractive, offering Signed DVD's, Storyboards, and even Producer credits! All you Moon Knight fans should swing over to the campaign page and donate to help make this project a reality. They have a breakdown of budget expenses (including a comissioned professional costume designer), as well as plot details. I have to admit, I am quite extatic that they decided to go with a Werewolf by night centered plot.
UPDATE 4-14-13
The project reached its goal, and is now funded and ready to go into production! I will do my best to add links and updates to their project as it continues! UPDATE 5-14-15
Two years after reaching its goal, no new information has come out. Its safe to say this project is dead in the water, and they stole our money.

Moon Knight Returns in Age of Ultron!


Throughout the years, Moon Knight fans have been trained to be patient. In the last 20 years, Moon Knight has spent more time out of active publication than in it. It came as no surprise to many Moon Knight fans that the most recent series would come to an end, despite being helmed by Brian Michael Bendis. However, unlike the majority of Moon Knight series that end abruptly, and without significant closure, The final pages of the most recent Moon Knight series ended with -SPOILER- the simple tease "Moon Knight Will Return in the Age of Ultron. Bendis is known to plan his stories years in advance, and this seems to be no exception. It feels as though this had been planned for some time. Either way, Moon Knight fans can rejoice that Marvel has made good on its claims. In the January 2013 Preiews Catalogue, the Age of Ultron preview clearly demonstrates that Moon Knight will return. So, expect to have some new Moon Knight reading come march my fellow fans! Check out the teaser below. Also, make sure to check out the amazing Art over at Comic Book Resources:

Age of Ultron Moon Knight Art Preview! [COMIC BOOK RESOURCES]

Marvel Super Heroes Legos! Will Moon Knight make the Cut?


Last week Lego and Marvel posted a press release stating that a Marvel Super Heroes themed Lego video game was in development by TT Games to be published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. The most exciting portion of this press release, atleast for many fans, is that they state there will be more than 100 unlockable characters. With odds like that, Moon Knight fans have cause for optimisim that they might once again be able to play as Moon Knight. I had the opportunity about a year ago to listen to a lecture by TQ Jefferson, the Vice President of Games Production at Marvel. It was made quite apparent during the discussion portion that he is very fond of Moon Knight as a character, which we can only hope helps convince companies to include him in more games! The Lego games have a track record for being quality titles, suitable for a broad age range, and availalble on multiple platforms.

New Gentle Giant Statue This Quarter


Last may it was announced that Gentle Giant had been working on a new Moon Knight bust. Originally slated for a Q4 2012 release, it has since been pushed to Q1 2013. It hasn't showed up yet, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks amazing! The article stated it was based on the classic costume created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, which is a little incorrect. The Don Perlin costume had a short cape that connected to his wrists. It had a different style of hood (without the crease) and the costume was coated in silver to fend off the werewolf. You can view an image of it HERE This costume is much closer to a blend between the Marc Spector(1989) series, and the Huston/Finch(2006) Series. Trust me, I'm not complaining, not only is this statue amazing, but all of the Moon Knight costume variations are amazing! Check out the links below for more information!

Gentle Giant Statue Page
Marvel Press Release

Weirdest Moon Knight Merchandise yet?


I honestly don't know what Bonkazonks are. I have been to the site, I have watched youtube videos, and I still don't get it. Are they Tops? Are they a game? Either way, Bonkazonks seem to be filling up the toy sections at my local stores. I'm not sure if they are a popular Fad like Poggs, or another novelty that is being pushed heavily, but not catching on. They are packaged as two bonkazonks in a bag. Its a mystery which two are inside, so you have to spend money on a risky gamble. These sorts of ploys are a nightmare for fans like me, who only want one. Either way, as if you hadn't guessed, there is a Moon Knight Bonkazonk. I was uneasy about spending money on a chance, but decided, one bag couldn't hurt. I kid you not, my first and only package had a Moon Knight Zonk inside. I don't know if this is luck, or if its a super common zonk (which makes sense since he is a lesser known character.

Moon Knight Pinball Table for Marvel Pinball


For those of you Moon Knight fans who are also Pinball fanatics like me, this is some of the best Moon Knight news in recent memory. The Marvel Pinball Game, based on the Pinball FX framework has officially released a Moon Knight playfield for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade! As part of the Vengeance and Virtue set which includes Ghost Rider and Others, Moon Knights table can be purchased for a mere 800 MS Points on the Live Arcade. Being an avid Pinball fan, I had always assumed if Moon Knight made it into a pinball table (digital or physical) it would be as part of a massive Marvel Universe table, never as his own table. For those of you with either a PS3 or Xbox 360, make your way online and purchase this new table now! Marvel Pinball is an add-on to the game Pinball FX2.

Diamond Sells Out, Issues 1-3 go Back to Press!


So, despite very little news about the new Moon Knight series on any of the comic blogs, it appears as though it is selling well. Well enough that Diamond reported it had sold out of all its stock of Moon Knight 1, 2, and 3! It is without surprise that Marvel jumped at the opportunity to bring this series back to press. Issue 1 is getting a third printing, and issues 2 and 3 are getting a second printing. What makes this situation even more exciting is that all 3 covers fit together to make a larger image. This brings the tally up to 6 different covers for Moon Knight (2010) #1. All three of these new printings should hit stores September 21st!

Another Successful Launch Validated with a Second Printing!


There is no denying that Bendis' take on Moon Knight is different from those of previous creators. It will be hard to gauge fan reaction till we see the purchase rate for issues #2 and #3. However, until that time, we should celebrate that issue #1 sold rather well. It was so successful that Marvel is bringing it back to press for a second printing. Although this means yet another variant cover, let it be known that I think this is one of the best Moon Knight covers in years!
The visual style is unique and daring. The image has more substance and complexity then other covers without being inhibited by an overproduced shine.

A Thank You to the readers of Moon Knight Fan!


I just wanted to say thanks to all the readers of Moon Knight Fan. I appologize for the long hiatus this site suffered in recent years. Thankfully, with a shiny new degree under my hat, I find I have more time without the hassel of a full time college schedule. Over the last few weeks I have been able to maintain regular updates, and Hope to keep it up! Thanks for all the emails since the update, my last email got hacked years back, and I lost it. The site update replaced it with my new one, so fear not. If you wrote to me at the old email, I likley didn't receive it. I hope to keep hearing from all of you, and I hope I can reply to most of them in a timely manner!
Lets hope Moon Knight continues to receive regular coverage and attention in the years to come!

Another Moon Knight #1 Now with even more Expensive Variants!


This month, yet another Moon Knight #1 has hit the stands. I am always excited to have a Moon Knight series in active publication, but the barrage of #1's in the last few years has really been a disrespectfull ploy to mine fans wallets. Proof of this can be seen in the Variants for the latest Bendis Maleev ongoing. There are 3 (yeah, 3) variant covers for this issue, and all of them are incentives. For those of you that don't know what an incentive variant is, its when the publisher only ships a few of them based on how many copies of the comic a store purchased. All of them are 1 in 25 variants, meaning most shops will sell them for $25 a peice. That means, to get every cover, as a hardcore fan like myself would do, I have to set aside $79 (before tax). I can't afford this, so for the first time in my life, I had to decline to buy them, Rent is more important. I will admit however, that the variant covers are actually really well done. All of them are beautifull. I would have been more forgiving if they were equal distribution variants.

Cameo Overload: More Teams than Personalities


Despite multiple cancelations of his core title, Moon Knight has had regular facetime in a plethora of Marvel books in the last few years. He has joined the Secret Avengers (and all of that teams cameo's as well), Heroes for Hire, and is currently appearing in the Miniseries Onslaught Unleashed. Recently he also appeared in the Shadowland event, which included his own 3 part miniseries.

Moon Knight: the TV Series!


A little while ago, a buzz went accross the net about a potential Moon Knight appearance on the Blade TV Show airing on Spike TV. Sadly, the show was a flop, and the only Moon Knight content of the show was a verbal refrence to Marc Spector in the Piolot episode. But before all hope was lost, Marvel made a suprising anouncement. Agreements have been Made and paperwork has been signed, a Moon Knight TV show is in the works! Marvel made a deal with No Equal Entertainment to begin production on a Moon Knight Television show. Granted, many shows die in development hell, and never make it to the TV, so there is no gaurantee we will ever see it (but we can always hope). The only hurdle now is if they can make the show any good, unlike the ill fated Blade Series.

Moon Knight Now In PC Version of MUA!


The awesome folks over at have compiled a nifty patch that allows pc owners of the great game Marvel Utlimate Alliance access to some of the Next Gen Goodies, most Notably Moon Knight!

2006 Recap. The Year of Moon Knight


Wow, 2006 was one of the best years if you were a Moon Knight Fan. After over a decade, he finaly has a comic to call his own. The latest volume debuted, and finished its first arc with great sales figures to back it up. Huston and Finch have proven a very capable pair. However, Moon Knight made an impression outside of the world of comics! The Moon Knight likeness also made its way into the form of two action figures in both the Diamond Select Toys "Marvel Select Line" as well as Marvel's own "Marvel Legend" Line (not to mention the variant). Not only are these figures excelent, they are the best of Moon Knight to date No matter what your prefrence, each figure has a different color scheme, so you can be picky if you choose. Moon Knight also made a jump to a medium he has never been in before: Video Games. On next gen (and now PC) versions of the game, you can play as Moon Knight through this Comic Lovers Dream. And if that wasn't enough, Moon Knight is now a potential TV show in the making! All this says is that Moon Knights future looks bright indeed! Let us be grateful for what we have been given, and humbly hope for more!