For the vast majority of Moon Knight’s 45+ years of existence, he has been largely absent from Marvel shows and Movies. Before 2022, All of his apperances were in cartoons. He was originally scheduled to appear in Super Hero Squad, but the show was canceled before his appearance actually happened. He also had an arguable appearance in the Avengers Assemble cartoon. He appeared on a computer screen as a potential recruit but did not actually appear in the episode. His first Legitimate appearance in cartoons was in 2016 as a guest in a Christmas episode of Ultimate Spider-man. He has had multiple appearances in different cartoons since.

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Spider-Man (2017)

Air Date: June 22, 2020
Season: 3 "Maximum Venom"
Episode: 55 (3)

Moon Knight's third tv appearance was as a guest on the 2017 Spider-man show airing on Disney XD. This incarnation was voiced by Peter Giles. In the episode, Spider-Man tries to get a retired Marc Spector to help him protect the city from the Symbiot. He spends most of the episode out of costume. At the end, he can be seen wearing a new costume design, that is predominantly white with some grey features. It also has an armor type design. Currently, this episode is not available to purchase anywhere.


Avengers Assemble: Beyond

Air Date: January 14, 2018
Season: 4 "Secret Wars"
Episode: 17

Moon Knight's second tv appearance was as a villain in the long running Avengers Assemble cartoon airing on Disney XD. This incarnation was voiced by Gideon Emery, and pitted Moon Knight against the Avengers on an Egyptian world of the Beyonder's creation. Moon Knight was protecting an orb with the help of various undead Mummies and a rather large Dog creature, who he rode for no particular reason. Moon Knight was silent for most of the episode until Black Widow disrupted the mind control that was forcing Moon Knight's hand. Only then does it become apparent that Moon Knight is not an enemy, but rather a victim in the Beyonder's plan. This version of Moon Knight sports a more traditional outfit, with a black outfit and white cape, similar to Sienkiewicz original art on the first volume. Moon Knight was presented as a capable fighter, holding off various Avengers heavyweights. The fighting was well done, but most of the episode came off rather bland. Moon Knight spent a considerable amount of the episode riding the bizarre creature, who looked almost like an Adult Swim satire. You can purchase this Episode on Amazon.



Ultimate Spider-Man: The Moon Knight Before Christmas

Air Date: December 17, 2016
Season: 4
Episode: 24

Moon Knight's first TV appearance was as a guest star on the long running Ultimate Spider-Man airing on Disney XD. Voiced by Diedrich Bader, this particular incarnation of Moon Knight really focused on his mental instability. Moon Knight was regularly seen conversing out-loud with the moon directly (although we assume it was Khonshu). This lead to Spider-Man reacting uncomfortably, as it was understandably interpreted as lunacy. Despite this inconsistency with his comic book counterpart, who was rarely so open and outspoken about his conversations with Khonshu, other aspects of the character were done quite well in this episode. Moon Knight was sporting his 2014 costume redesign from the Ellis/Shalvey run. It was represented very well in fluid motion. His appearance also demonstrated a certain level of macabre/ethereal elements, suggesting that the character was more than he seemed, at least to Spider-Man. He was also shown as being an great fighter, more focused on brute force and less on elegance or agility. He was introduced initially as an antagonist, attempting to kill a girl that Spider-man was watching. After the plot began to unfold, it became apparent to both of them that they would each be better served as allies. I quite enjoyed this episode, and felt that Bader did a great job with the voice over. I highly recommend this episode most fans, especially as a seasonal viewing. You can purchase this episode on Amazon.


Avengers Assemble

Air Date: September 20, 2015
Season: 2
Episode: 26 Avengers World

Whether or not you consider this Moon Knight's first appearance is totally subjective. In 2015, a brief clip in the 26th episode of Avengers Assemble Season 2 saw an image of Moon Knight on a computer display. The display was showing various heroes that were being considered as potential Avengers Recruits. The image of Moon Knight is static, and he is never mentioned by name. I don't necessarily consider this an appearance, but I felt it was worth including.


Fairly Oddparents

Air Date: July 12, 2002
Season: 3
Episode: 12 Abra Catastrophe!

Whether or not this appearance qualifies is definitely up for debate. In 2002, a 3 part story known as “Abra Catastrophe” aired as part of the 3rd season of Nickelodeon’s The Fairly Oddparents. This story was later rereleased as a single Movie-Length feature simply titled “Abra Catastrophe.” Within the episode, the protagonist Timmy momentarily transforms into a superhero. This hero looks surprisingly like Moon Knight, with his hood and crescent shaped cape. The fact that the villain looks like a Kirby-Esque, Galactus-type also helps push this theory. Considering that the Fairly Oddparents is not a Marvel Property, and that the character was never mentioned by name, I safely consider this a “Possible Easter Egg.”